What is Sublimation?

Sublimation is a printing process that utilizes a dye that, when heat and pressure are applied, will bond directly to the material or substrate to which it is applied.  It allows for any graphical, photographic or other artwork to be printed in full color.  Sublimated products do not peel, crack, or fade because the dye chemically bonds to the polymer based material instead of being layered on top of the material as is done in screen printing.  There are no setup fees or per color charges with sublimation.  Sublimation is best performed on a white material as it is a dye and will assume the coloration of a colored substrate.


What can be Sublimated?

Any image that a computer can reproduce can be printed on a variety of materials including fabric, metal, ceramics, plastics, wood and more.  Here are some of the products we sublimate to:





A variety of 100% polyester products can be sublimated to including T-Shirts, Towels, Blankets, Gloves, Socks and Flip Flops.





Polymer coated Aluminum, Brass, and Steel products are available that allow us to create unique Plaques and Signs in true photographic color.



Ceramics, Glass & Plastics


Specially coated Ceramics, Glass and certain Plastics can be readily sublimated providing you with spectacular options for custom mugs, luggage tags, keychains and many other products.